About the congress

The University of Vienna is organizing, in cooperation with the European Society of Modern Greek Studies (EENS), the Austrian Society of Modern Greek Studies (ÖGNS), and the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies of the University of Vienna the 7th European Congress of Modern Greek Studies on 11-14 September 2023 in Vienna.

Call for Papers

Zoom in and focus on Modern Hellenism: texts, images, objects, histories

Download: Call for Papers (pdf)

The 7th European Congress of Modern Greek Studies addresses researchers in the wider field of scholarly areas and specializations regarding Modern Greek Studies (history, literature and philology, linguistics and language didactics, theater and cinema studies, historical and cultural anthropology, archaeology, history of art, international relations, comparative literature, musicology, political science, cultural studies). We invite in particular all young researchers in these fields to consider applying to the congress.

2023 marks the centenary of the Treaty of Lausanne, while since the last congress of the ESMGS in Lund in 2018 important historical commemorations were celebrated. Such commemorative processes concern not only the experience of events as such, their impact and representations in language, literature and art, but in a broader sense the chronological and geographical dimensions and the historical characteristics and expressions of the Greek world in the early modern, modern and contemporary era.

We invite you to participate with a paper, considering methodological issues and new approaches and foci to texts, images, objects and linguistic phenomena. We particularly look forward to subjects promoting the interdisciplinary and transcultural dimensions of Modern Greek Studies.

As central (but by no means exclusive) thematic fields we propose:

  1. The imprint of collective historical experiences of Modern Hellenism in literature and the visual arts
  2. Diasporas, migrations and forced population movements
  3. Historiographical interpretations and approaches to Modern Hellenism
  4. History of the Greek book and printing
  5. Religion, language, writing: multiple expression and representations of Modern Hellenism
  6. Material remains and archaeology: relation to the past and cultural heritage management
  7. History of concepts and creation of political and cultural terminology in the Greek language

Interested participants are invited to submit their abstracts via link.

The last date for the submission of abstracts is 31 October 2022. Please submit exclusively via link.

Delayed submissions or submissions outside the digital submission link can and will not be reviewed. We kindly ask you to prepare all necessary data (personal, title, abstract) before starting the process of submitting the abstract and fill the boxes without uploading any documents.

Thirty (30) grants of 300 euros each will be awarded to young researchers, to enable them to participate in the congress. The abstracts of the applicants must have been previously approved by the members of the scientific committee, and the applicants must not hold a position at a university or a research foundation, or participate in a financed research program. The grants will be disbursed after the closing of the congress.

The congress languages are Greek and English.